The Met

Helping people navigate America’s most visited and complex museum

The Met welcomes seven million visitors a year. Being one of the world’s largest museums, these visitors have around 250 exhibition rooms to explore. As a result, the Met is a very busy and complex space to navigate.  Unsurprisingly, research showed how little visitors could see in one visit.

Our strategy reimagined the wayfinding experience in order to increase visitor confidence to explore the Met’s hidden treasures.

Visitor flow modelling informed recommendations to re-configure the layout and naming of key spaces. A new physical and digital mapping system made the inherent complexity simpler to understand and explore.

The Met
New York City, USA
7 million

annual visitors

3.5 million

printed maps handed out annually

1 million

navigating using the Met App


languages published

Mapping information

50% of visitors pick up the new printed map.

Information placed in the right place allows visitors to better explore the Museum.

Multiple Languages

Maps and information is available in eleven languages.

Visitor flow modelling

At certain times the Great Hall is overcrowded. People flow modelling used to analyse and design new layouts to reduce the crush.

Digital interactive map

An interactive version of the map for the Met’s website and mobile apps. Powered by Living Map technology, extra information on every gallery is easy to access.

This is a key milestone in the Museum’s journey toward a scalable and sustainable solution for indoor positioning and wayfinding.

Loic Tallon

Chief Digital Officer,
The Met 2016–2019

Graphic representation

Landmarks proved to be valuable markers to help understand location throughout the complex interior spaces. Determined according to their wayfinding significance, they help visitors recall location and make better decisions.

Icon design

We created a custom set of wayfinding icons for use on signage and mapping applications. Each icon was crafted at two levels of detail for different applications.

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