Imperial College London

Improving the experience of visiting one of the world’s top universities

Imperial College London (ICL) is a leader in academic excellence and is often ranked as one of the top ten universities in the world. The university is home to over 17,000 students from 125 countries, who are drawn to the university for its leadership in science, engineering, business, and medicine.

The role of wayfinding is to significantly improve the experience. To make university sites more accessible, improve circulation and use of space, and create a clearer sense of place. 

As part of a wide-ranging project, Applied completed the Imperial College London Wayfinding Guidelines. Based on designs refined through a number of pilot projects, the guidelines set out rules for optimum placement, content and design of external and internal wayfinding signs for use across Imperial’s multiple sites. Designs are currently being implemented across the University.

Imperial College London
London, UK

Student population


Countries represented

Applied began working with Imperial on their new White City campus. The successful prototype approach is now implemented across multiple other Imperial sites.

Internal and external

The wayfinding guidelines are currently informing the roll-out of both internal and external pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding signage and mapping across all of Imperial’s campuses.

Listening to everyone

As part of the strategy, Applied have undertaken numerous rounds of stakeholder consultation, including students, Marketing & Communications, Space management, Front-of-House, and Operational staff. This included independent benchmarking and accessibility consultation.

World-class system

The challenge of this project was the development of a wayfinding strategy and design system that could meet Imperial’s aims of creating a world class experience for students, staff and visitors across their different campuses.


Applied is currently providing a supporting role in the application of wayfinding, interpretive and donor recognition signage, mapping and information at all Imperial campus locations.

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