Covid-19 Design Toolkit

Creating the definitive system for social distancing

In response to the Pandemic, Applied created The COVID-19 Design Toolkit.

The Toolkit is a ready-to-use set of guidelines of how to place signs in any environment. It shows where to place information in order to really impact people’s behaviour. The Toolkit includes a universal set of signs and icons that is immediately available, as well as templates that can be adjusted to suit any location.

The Toolkit was developed for managers of public spaces, with an aim to practically help them maintain socially-distanced safe environments. We made a decision to make the toolkit freely available, as coordinating with others to create simple and collective signs is more effective.

We drew on our extensive wayfinding planning & design experience, as well as knowledge of how people interact with places and how to ‘nudge’ their behaviour. The Toolkit received the Gold Award in the London Design Awards 2020.

London, UK

100 Pages of guidelines

54 Ready to use signs types plus 100 icons

Awards Gold, London Design Awards 2020

Free download

The need for a toolkit

As the pandemic hit we saw a lot of activity to help guide how to behave. Yet, much information and signs installed were uncoordinated and causing confusion. Made available as free download, Applied’s COVID-19 Design Toolkit offered a set of practical how-to guidelines and resources to help tackle the confusing times everyone was facing.

The Toolkit informs the users of how their environment could bear the risks of clusters of transmission, and suggests the best possible layout of information in multiple types of places.

Through our work in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve spotted a great degree of public confusion; knowing what to do when walking around a city or into a store, where to queue, or at what point to wear a face mask. Coming out of lockdown, we now have a complicated set of rules to remember and to be guided by — the COVID-19 Design Toolkit is our contribution.

Tim Fendley

Founder and Creative Director at Applied

Adaptable to all environments

The guidelines and templates included in the Toolkit are designed to help all places where the public go and can be tailored to each environment and audience.


The Toolkit has been applied on University Campuses and Transit systems. It has helped coordinate safe behaviour during the Pandemic.

Accesible resources for the public

The COVID-19 Design Toolkit consists of three parts: Knowledge and principles; placement guidelines; and designs, templates and icons. These were developed as practical help to any manager of public spaces.

Making the threat visible

The signs and icons encourage safer public behaviour by nudging and reminding people of the virus and social distancing. One idea is to make the virus more visible.

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