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Talking Headways Podcast: City Legibility and Wayfinding
Tim Fendley joins Jeff Wood to talk about wayfinding, people’s ability to read maps, and giving people the confidence to get lost.

Tim Fendley joined Jeff Wood on his podcast Talking Headways for a chat about legible cities and wayfinding. The podcast takes us through Fendley’s unique insights from working on wayfinding projects around the world and how his passion for legible cities began. 

In the 50-minute podcast, Fendley and Wood discuss the human ability to navigate, how our instincts have been affected by modern life and technology, and how people find their way, or don’t, in modern cities.

You can’t control a city, and that is what is wonderful about them, but transport is that little bit of glue in between it all, which allows you to make use of it.
Tim Fendley
Founder and Creative Director

The episode also covers the creation of Legible London and discusses unique insights from Fendley on how information helps people understand what awaits beyond what they immediately see. Ultimately, the episode is about the passion for creating city-wide systems that work for everyone and giving people the confidence to get lost.

Listen to the full podcast episode can be found on Streets Blogs website.

Thanks to Jeff Wood for inviting Applied on Talking Headways and for the great conversation

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