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Sentosa wins 2020 IIID Award
Applied’s wayfinding scheme for Sentosa Island, Singapore’s premier destination, receives design award

Applied was awarded Bronze at the 2020 IIID Award in the wayshowing category. The awarded project was Sentosa Island’s wayfinding system, a project that started in 2017 and is currently being implemented across the popular destination. 

The wayfinding system for Sentosa Island covers the island’s 500 hectares of sandy beaches, entertainment offers, and attractions.

The development of the new Island-wide wayfinding started with the Applied team conducting research, visited the site, and holding informal interviews with visitors and stakeholders. 

The new wayfinding system for the Island has a comprehensive suite of signs aiming to ensure the premier resort’s twenty million annual visitors a seamless world-class experience. It was designed by Applied to solve the problem found in the initial research, and ensure better movement across the island and increase travel by foot and other multi-modal options.  The new system enhance the overall experience of Sentosa Island, encouraging users to explore and discover all parts of the Island. It is great to see this project and destination receive recognition from the International Institute for Information Design and the wider design community. 


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