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A wayfinding emergency
Lack of wayfinding was causing difficulties for key workers and volunteers to find their way to Bath’s Royal United Hospital, a collaborative effort amongst committed stakeholders has been the solution

Applied has been working with Bath & North East Somerset Council, The Royal United Hospital and transport partners to ensure no NHS workers or volunteers get lost on their way to the hospital in an unfamiliar city. The urgent need for a new scheme was spotted by Councillor Joanna Wright, joint cabinet member for transport services at Bath & North East Somerset Council. 

Wright initiated the efforts and gathered the team of stakeholders after she experienced that NHS staff coming from other areas during the COVID-19 response were having difficulties finding their way. The urgent need to make sure these critical workers had access to clear directions was acted upon immediately and the new system was executed in little over a week by the RUH Sustainability team, First Bus, Great Western Railway and Applied Information Group.

The new system of maps and directions aim to ease the journey for our front line workers, and Applied will continue to work with the Council, RUH and transport partner to ensure the journeys are as seamless as possible. CEO and founder Tim Fendley points out that the quick execution and delivery of the project is a great example of organisations working together.

At Applied we are always thinking of how we can help people avoid getting lost, and I am extremely happy that we have been able to help ease the journey for our front line workers together with a great team. This project shows how organisations can work together in unusual ways, during unusual times.Tim FendleyFounder and Creative Director of Applied

The new wayfinding scheme was installed at the beginning of May and alongside e-bike loans for key workers launched by the council and a digital map to further assist and support NHS workers and volunteer navigating are launching shortly.

The system is a set of "Strider Maps" which are easy to implement and function as stepping stones placed at key locations along the journey. These maps are installed from the Bath’s bus and train stations, highlighting the quickest routes to the hospital for key workers, and were based on a concept thought out for Legible London. The concept is unique as the maps provide just enough information, rather than setting out an entire map to ensure efficient navigation. Applied hope to develop an inexpensive and easy to implement toolkit that can be shared with other hospitals and institutions that may need similar support now and in the future.

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