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Legible London shortlisted in TfL’s Design Icon competition
The city-wide pedestrian wayfinding system is recognised as one of the best icons of London transport design

Joining the likes of the London Underground roundel, Harry Beck's tube map, and the new routemaster, the Legible London system is among the best of London's transport design icons.

Put on by Transport for London and the London Transport Museum, Transported by Design is an 18-month programme of events to celebrate the role of design in London’s transport over the years. To kick off the campaign they’ve asked the public to vote from a shortlist of 100 of London’s best transport designs.

‘Legible London signposts’ submission on tumblr.
I consider the Legible London signposts to be a design icon as you can spot them wherever you are in London. I also believe that they are the secret backbone of the London transport network. When I met a friend who was visiting me from abroad, we couldn’t find out how we were meant to be getting to a restaurant as we had got lost and our mobile signals were failing. We then saw the Legible London signpost and as a result of the map and directions on it, we managed to find our restaurant in time for our booking. I think it signifies how London is a global city (my friend didn’t need an understanding of English to read the map) and how Transport for London is more than just the Tube and Bus network, realising that every journey matters, including those of pedestrians. Danielle EddingtonTfL Senior Press Officer

The shortlist of 100 design icons has been released onto the Transported by Design tumblr page. You can vote for Legible London or other favourite design icons here until 1 October 2015. The winning designs will be showcased at a special event in the New Year.

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